JASON BOLTZ, (AKA JasonSane) has has always enjoyed signing and being the center of attention.

As a child he loved copying the dancing styles of James Brown and trying to imitate the high pitched vocals of ABBA and Zepplin. Growing older he realized music would be his love,but soon finding out the sacrifices that go along with with being the front man, such as all the singer jokes dished out by the band and everyone else. Like, "what is the difference between God and a singer, God doesn’t think he’s a singer."

Entertainment has always been and will always be, the center of JasonSanes’ reality. Jason grew up in an unevolved city in North Dakota named Mandan, he was although thankful for the great music programs, that where available.

Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Sting are some of his influences, while he still enjoys the occasional Sly and the Family Stone. Jason has resided in Portland,OR for 8 years, and one week after arriving met Larry Hardesty and have been playing and writing with ATOMSANE ever since.