Cornbread is a nomadic symbol, hailing from the
Midwest hardcore scene. He grew up in a small town in
central Iowa, where personal drive and motivation were
the only ways to get anything done. Cornbread has
been playing musical instruments most of his life,
beginning with the cello at age 11 and progressing
through electric guitar and bass a few short years
after. He was a founding member in Bocca Saint and
godkillgod throught the mid-late nineties and received
various amounts of label attention. The frustration
caused by unacceptable acts by his bandmates forced
him to pack up and head West. Cornbread found himself
in Portland, Oregon in October 2001 looking for
something fresh and new. He joined up with Atom Sane
in late September of 2002 and plans to make his
presence there duly noted. Inspirations to
Cornbread's technique have been Antonio Alaniz, TON,
Pantera, Skrape, Static X, and more of the same.