of grey matter extending across the mid-dorsal plane, which in

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It seems evident, therefore, in order for sino-auricular block of a

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in respect to nnmbers. as I migbt baye done if I bad

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toned closely whilst in the pest house so as not to cany from thence, the

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larger than a grain of wheat, w r hich would never have been

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other medical colleges yet known. Xo preliminary education is

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being phenomenal. It has also been thought that the fact that the meet-

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tion. I have referred to this point before. Many cases of phage-

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delusion : he saw there could not be three Holy Ghosts. But I

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were made up of 1.5 cc. of rabbit serum, 1 cc. of a 10 per cent solution

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In simple infarctions there is often an effusion into the

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and twitchings, and, toward the latter period of the disease, the

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operation, although the periosteum of the remaining inner plate proved

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"When the fracture is caused by chronic navicular disease, the

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The membranous substance was white, translucid, and of a foliaceous struc-

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siology of special organs. Cotugno had recognized the coagulability

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ing canse : such are, meteorism^ deformities of the thorax^ old

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quate lateral support. Still the amount of motion is

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fissure of Sylvius, an embolus is discovered in the main stem

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myeloblasts, and in which there is no sign of glandular or splenic

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liver sends it to the womb, which can neither digest it nor

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iodine, glycerine, and carbolic acid. — Medical and Surgical

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it, and considerable cough, in which case bleeding, and fever medi

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philen und Mastzellen, Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med., 1910, 98, 308.

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Another theory is metaplastic transformation of the

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The following are the average yields per acre upon the

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various emulsions of cod-liver oil with which he en-

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tached to the accentuated diastolic sound at the origin of the

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