The crowd was quite anxious. Everyone was excited to see their favorite band in action. The band takes the stage. The screams from the audience are so overwhelming and as the band started their first notes of Lifeless Karma, the crowd grew even louder. The floor in front of the stage was crowded and everyone was dancing and jumping around. The energy in the room was very intense. You could feel your chest pound every time the bass and massive drum beats came together to back up the full grinding rhythm sound. All of this along with powerful and emotional vocals and harmonies make the enormous sound that forces you to move and groove. The band plays through their obviously well rehearsed set with such grace, that it is hard to believe that you are seeing them at your local bar and not at the coliseum. The band finishes up their last song to an eruption of screams and applause. The house lights come on and the band leaves the stage as the crowd is chanting "Atom Sane, Atom Sane!!"