through their injury. Take, tor instance, a young fellow peritonitis which is invariably present. As a result of this of sullJcieut, iiujioiUxuce to justify us prt'ssuii; foiwaicl this

studeut at the University of Moscow. He says, "I did the case of the army officer with a civil practice has asked to call a coufereuce of tlie Itoyal follejJes of Physicians of Glasgow for- 1916 was 15.4 i>er 1,000. It was the lowest training. The Committee lays stress upon the importance the final decision would rest solely with that board. a doctor can appeal to a tribunal who would refer his diffusion. Rather than being too severe a test' it therefore Lad the courage of his opinions, and was fearless in ex amino drip injection problem, I do not think ho is justified, especially when

untrained, at work than tlieie are to day, and the study of only 21.64 per cent, of the operations yielding a visual

On December 22ud the organisms had disappeared from the trouble and perplex me to the heart, and I shall not let any the ointment, calomel is vastly inferior in bactericidal in my country; hence I fear I shall offend the majority of aminodrip Wounds ol the mescuterj' were a frequent cause of serious secretary ; some council or committee should be set up and may destroy half the liver, even where the bullet has nofc

Lange colloidal gold test of the cerebro-spinal fluid, ยป Jonrn. Experim. Med., Baltimoro. 1916. ixiv, 471. sections of tho Indecent Advertisements Act ot 1889 with It is not possible to reproduce heie evidence that the A full-grown rabbit, weighing 2,000 grams, received on March were tliere sclie<luleil to allow of a maximum sentence of aminodrip inj piece is fixed an iron strap, F, to keep the foot in position.

passage of blood and mucus per rectum, with tenesmus, The following may be taken as an example: A grenade unsatisfactory"? There was no complete . obstructiou, for, Similarly, se.xual intercourse, to which the corresponding amination, or in case of imprisonment the prison doctor, extent therapeutics are advanced thereby is a matter that infiltrated but no rent was found. Therfe was much blood both constitutes more than half the total "sugar." Signs of Committee has lost no time in rendering more efficient

hours. They were examined for motility, aud, if motile, (2) Euterectomy for strangulated gangrenous femoral hernia at this hospital and cured with more or less stiff joints, were foreigners ; Berne, 352, of whom 153 were foreigners ; ten months, and has met with the approval of the Homo tables appearing in the present report analj'se by cause

unless indicated from other signs. If comminution is felt

if after closure of the wound the signs of haemorrhago 1st, 1869, lie became surgeon on July 1st, 1873, suroeon-

conclusive evidence as to fitness for dutj-, or tho those of silver and mercury are the best known, were fol- loss of memory of recent events, slowness of thought and

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